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200 Ghanaian domestic workers in Lebanon evacuated to Ghana

At least 200 Ghanaian domestic workers from Lebanon have been evacuated to the capital, Accra.

The evacuation, which was supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs followed a series of harrowing experiences shared by the Ghanaians from their hosts. understands there are over 600 more Ghanaian domestic workers in Lebanon, who are appealing to officials to move them back to Ghana.

According to Foreign Affairs officials, the condition of most of these Ghanaian domestic workers is heartbreaking hence the need to put in measures to move them back to Ghana.

About two months ago, the Cairo Mission, which has Lebanon under its jurisdiction entered into dialogue through its Consulate in Beirut, with the Lebanese Government to obtain the release of these suffering young women from the clutches of their masters and mistresses, so they can freely return to their country.

More than 600 Domestic workers have been registered to leave Lebanon. The mortal remains of two deceased workers are expected as cargo with this first batch of evacuees.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Cairo Mission and a humanitarian NGO, IBONWORLD as partners, are preparing to evacuate another six hundred or so in the next four weeks, can report.

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