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AG petitioned to investigate killing of 14-year-old boy in Ainyinase

A petition has resurfaced at the Office of the Attorney General (AG) to re-open investigations into the circumstances that led to the gruesome murder of a 14-year-old boy at Ainyinase, a community in the Ellembelle Municipality of the Western Region.

The document sighted by Asaase News is also praying the Attorney General to bring the chief of Ainyase Nana Etwe Kpanyinli VI to justice for his alleged involvement in the incident which occurred on 17 November 2021.

“Brave as he was, his occasional mixed utterances coupled with other chieftaincy in-appropriations that Nana Etwe Kpanyinli VI (Chief of Aiyinase) failed to handle and address in concerns of Aiyinase shall highly be linked to that wasteful unrest and chaotic ugly scenes, which further intent helped him execute his diabolic killing of Thomas Essah.

“He has resorted to sneaking to funerals and gatherings to insult, mock, tease and provoke the deceased’s parents, the family and the Aiyinase Community. This is to lure them into another unnecessary and wasteful chaos because his macho thugs are still with him and he has not accomplished his evil mission…”, portions of the petition read.

“The culprit freely walked around,” the petition indicated adding that: “the police did nothing apart from recording the case.”

The petitioner, Abusua Kpanyinli Yemi, believes the swift action by the AG will bring the chief and his accomplices to justice as “Life becomes wasteful for the deceased’s parents due to the loss and abrupt interruption of the boy’s ordained principle of the right to live a normal life.”

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