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Akufo-Addo betrayed public trust – PPP

The Progressive People Party (PPP) has expressed concerns over how the country is being governed under the Akufo-Addo administration.

The PPP noted that the present administration has failed the people of Ghana in all sectors of the economy.

In the area of corruption and job creation, the party said, the government has failed.

Also, there is rising public sector debt as well as graduate unemployment and unemployment in general.

A statement signed Nana Ofori Owusu, National Chairman, said “The Progressive Peoples Party (PPP) wants to call on the government to work hard to redeem its declining image among Ghanaians five years after failing to deliver good governance to the people and betraying public trust.

“A careful observation of the performance of the NPP government for the past five years from 2017 till date shows they have not lived up to expectations of the people.

“After five years in government, we ask: where are the jobs? Where the prosperity the Ghanaian citizens were promised? And where are the opportunities? More people have been poorer, rendered unemployed, suffered reduced standards of living, are living in fear of armed robbery, and experiencing impunity in the society.

“There is continued currency depreciation with the imposition of more taxes. Ghana’s public debt is soaring higher than expected.

“Allegation of corruption is higher than before and businesses are collapsing. However the government prides itself with policies that are not yielding any positive results on the lives of the citizenry.”

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