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Ashanti Region: ECG embarks on night operations to check power theft

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has embarked on night operations to check power theft in the Ashanti region.

According to the public relations officer of the utility company in the Ashanti region, Grace Garshong, the special exercise was triggered as a result of illegal reconnection by some customers who had earlier been disconnected for their inability to pay their bills.

Speaking to Asaase News, Garshong said about 20 people have been arrested so far as a result of the operations of the night monitoring task force with the aid of the police.

All the illegal customers were apprehended at Abuakwa, Manhyia, Tanoso, Makro and other places within the Abuakwa district.

She said some of the people who were arrested have been able to settle their bills, therefore have their power reconnected by the ECG.

The exercise is expected to take place in other parts of the Ashanti Region.

Garshong further warned that customers owing ECG should make efforts to settle their bills before they are disconnected by the service provider.

“If you are owing ECG, pay, don’t even wait till ECG comes to disconnect you, you know you are owing ECG, please play, and then when we come to disconnect you, don’t do self reconnection, it’s illegal, so customers should avoid non-payment and any illegal activity,” she said.

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