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Australia to beef up military support for Ukraine

Australia has said it will fund the supply of weapons to Ukraine to help it fight Russian forces.

The move comes days after the government in Canberra said it would only provide “non-lethal” military equipment.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison joined Ukrainian-Australians at a church service in Sydney on Sunday morning before announcing the decision.

“The Australian government will continue to stand up for what is right when it comes to Ukraine,” he said.

“We’ll be seeking to provide whatever support we can for lethal aid through our Nato partners, particularly the United States and the United Kingdom.”

PM Morrison added that the rapid processing of visa applicants from Ukraine would be a “top priority” for him going forward.

Australia’s contribution adds to the significant amounts of weaponry and ammunition already being supplied to Ukraine by the US, UK and other Nato allies. Germany, in a significant move, yesterday overturned a long-held stance not to supply lethal aid.

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