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Bawumia’s lecture settled all controversies on state of economy – Dr Tsiboe-Darko

Executive Director of the Danquah Institute (DI), Dr Antoinette Tsiboe-Darko, says a recent lecture on the state of the economy by Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia, settled all the controversies and mischief peddled around by opponents of the Akufo-Addo administration.

According to Dr Tsiboe-Darko, the Vice President’s two hours and eighteen minutes uninterrupted presentation on the true state of the economy, provided the critics of government and the Vice President in particular, answers to their criticisms.

Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia on Thursday, (7 April 2022) after a long abstinence from commenting of the state of the economy, delivered a little over 2 hour lecture on the nation’s economy at the NPP’s national TESCON conference, held at the “Pentecost Convention Centre” at Kasoa in the Central Region.

In her submissions as part of a four member panel on Asaase Radio’s flagship political analysis programme, “The Forum” on Saturday (9 April 2022), Dr Tsiboe-Darko, established that the smooth delivery of the lecture coupled with the facts, figures, comparisons and explanations, put to rest, all the propaganda on the state of the country’s economy.

“For me, I think this lecture was timely, it was ingenious, it delivered, it gave us the hope that we needed, and it was amazing”.

“You could not help but be captivated. There were moments that I go distracted as an organizer, but every time I sat down, I just went straight back into the lecture and you could not help but just listen” Dr Antoinette Tsiboe-Darko said.

Target audience

She noted that the content of the lecture was tailored to reach each and every Ghanaian irrespective of their social stratification or status.

“I think not just the youths, not just the NPP, but the whole of Ghana was hungry to understand what was happening with our economy and we were really fed, we were really full”.

“The facts, the figures, and the amazing delivery gave us enough information about what is happening in the economy and the way forward” the Executive Director of DI stated.

Answering critics

On whether or not, the Vice President was able to answer his critics on the current state of the economy and the attainment of the promises made to Ghanaians by the Akufo-Addo government, Dr Tsiboe-Darko noted that, a careful analysis of the Vice President’s presentation shows that he answered all questions thrown at him in recent time.

“As political as the areas may be, it was essential because remember, his excellency [Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia], has been under attack consistently about how much the economy has developed and where we are”.

“So I was very happy that he put it clearly, he structured his presentation by giving us comparative analysis of era’s that we have been through, 2009 when the NDC took over until 2016 when the NPP took over” Dr Antoinette Tsiboe-Darko noted.

“He continued and talked about what is actually happening now. I think that that comparison was very necessary, was essentially and it is what we wanted to hear” she added.

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