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BoG clean-up: Govt scheming to rob us of 50% of our deposits – Aggrieved customers

Aggrieved customers of the collapsed banks in Bono, Ahafo and Bono East regions have vowed to mass-up at the Jubilee House to claim their locked-up funds in the coming days.

This comes after renewed agitations from the irate customers who say the calamity that hit them has sent about 47 of their colleagues to their early graves.

Speaking on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.5 FM, Spokesperson for the customers in the three regions, Worlanyo questioned the propriety of government’s decision to pay only half of their deposits insisting they will leave no stone unturned to get their monies back.

“We’re being given a raw deal and this is not going to work. When we met with the Receiver, he told us there are only two options available to us and that either we take 50% of our funds and forgo the other 50% or we wait till five years before we can get our monies paid without any interest. Where is the 50% going to? This is complete robbery; Nana Addo and his government should be warned!”

He added among those hard hit by the infamous banking clean-up are traders, the poor and ordinary Ghanaians who are losing their capital and lifetime savings through no fault of theirs.

It would be recalled that President Akufo-Addo in the 2020 State of the Nation’s Address(SONA) said over 13 billion cedis was to be spent on over 14 million customers affected after licenses of some financial institutions were revoked.

“I will like to repeat that all depositors of the Savings and Loans companies, as well as Micro Finance Institutions including DKM which collapsed in 2015, will receive 100% of the deposits once they are validated.”

Aside the 347 Micro Finance Institutions, 23 Savings and Loans companies, some major banks were also affected. These included nine local banks that birthed the state-owned Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG) Limited; Royal Bank, The Beige Bank, The Construction Bank, Sovereign Bank and uniBank, Heritage Bank Limited and the Premium Bank.

The BoG on 14 August 2017, approved the takeover of UT Bank and Capital Bank, by the state-owned GCB Bank Limited.

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