Budget 2023: Government cares deeply about Ghanaians, says Ofori-Atta

Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta has said the government cares deeply about the Ghanaian people and is concerned about the future of the country, despite the current economic turmoil.

He said the 2023 Budget has been prepared with “high consideration for the aspirations of Ghanaians and the brighter prospects of our economy to transition into upper middle income within a decade”.

“It reflects our determination and resolve to confront the current daunting economic challenges facing our nation head-on and reset the economy,” said Ofori-Atta, addressing MPs on Thursday (24 November).

“We are confident that the measures outlined in this 2023 Budget will redirect us on the path of macroeconomic stability and growth,” he said.

IMF support
“In the immediate term, we will work towards securing an agreement with the International Monetary Fund, execute the debt exchange programme, improve the management of foreign exchange, and support our local productive capacity for food security,” Ofori-Atta said, reading the Nkabom (“unity”) Budget.

“We must work together to ensure that our economy rises again to the comfort of our people. This budget offers us a better opportunity to jointly work towards rebuilding the economy and rediscovering our providential way towards our manifest destiny.

“This is the time to rebuild, not to destroy and tear down. Let us work together for our collective benefit as is said in Nehemiah 2:18, with unity of purpose, service to the republic, and the abiding grace of God,” the Finance Minister said.

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