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Chief, one other convicted for attempting to influence judge

The Bolgatanga High Court has convicted two people for attempting to influence Justice Alexander Graham, supervising judge of the court who was presiding over a mining-related case.

The two are Naab Nyakora Mantii, the chief of Baare and Richard Sunday Yinbil, the secretary to the paramount chief of Talensi, Tongraan Kugbilsong Nanlebegtang.

The two accused persons, according to details as given in court on Friday (10 March), entered the chamber of the judge with the aim of influencing his judgement in a case which is before the high court.

But Justice Alexander Graham, who held the position that their action was an act of contempt, immediately caused their arrest, charged them with contempt and put them before the court.

Justice Graham described the action of the accused as entrapment meant to influence his judgment towards a particular direction.

When put before the court, the two pleaded guilty. They added that they had been sent by the paramount chief of Talensi to invite the Judge for important discussions on the case.

The accused persons pleaded guilty to contempt and the court judged them accordingly. The accused persons were subsequently taken to the Upper East Regional Police Quarters where they were made to sign a six-month bond to be of good behaviour.

But before the accused persons signed the bond, they together with lawyers pleaded for leniency. They pleaded with the Judge not to hand the accused persons a custodial sentence.

The lawyers held the argument that the two were first-time offenders, adding that the public rebuke was enough punishment.

Justice Graham delivering his judgement warned the public to desist from influencing judges to pass an act in their favour.

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