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Commercial service on Takoradi to Tarkwa rail line commences

Following five days of free passenger service on the Takoradi to Tarkwa rail line, the Ghana Railway Company Limited (GRCL) will begin full commercial service from Monday, February 10.

The service will then be available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Ghana Railways Company Limited had an incident-free passenger service from Takoradi to Tarkwa last week.

In a statement announcing the service, acting Managing Director of the Company John Essel said GRCL is satisfied with the condition of the line, locomotives and coaches, hence the decision.

“As a result of this and the public enthusiasm shown during the three days, the service was extended for one more week from 3rd to 7th February, 2020, with the intention of addressing any other teething problems which might have arisen.

“Having offered the service for four days running, we wish to inform the general public that no incident has been recorded.”

The GRCL reiterated its earlier caution that there will be times when they have to stop operations to allow the contractor working on the construction of a new standard gauge line to continue its work.

“We wish to also indicate that currently on the Western Line, a new standard gauge Railway Line is being developed alongside the existing railway line and occasionally there will be the need for GRCL to stop operations to enable this contractor to do some critical works on the new line. The general public will be informed when such issues arise,” a statement said.


The fare for the first class coach from Takoradi to Tarkwa will be GH¢10 while that of the second class will be GH¢8.

The other fares range from GH¢5 to as little as GH¢2 depending on the distance of travel.

The train will leave the Takoradi Harbor Station to Tarkwa at 6:15am and from Tarkwa to Takoradi at 3:00pm each working day.

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