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Daily Guide: There he goes again

Former President John Mahama has expectedly jumped into the demolition episode gleefully and snidely. Bereft of sincerity and goodwill, he was seeking the ‘political jugular’ but did not get it as he presented his successor as one with no understanding of international politics and its nuances.

He said the demolition of the structure close to the residence of the Nigerian High Commissioner in the country is a reflection of insecurity in Ghana.

Oh dear! We may have got used to the many pranks of the former President but when these find their way into such delicate areas as diplomacy then we get pained and swiftly discern what the source seeks to desire by such verbal recklessness.

Insecurity in Ghana after his tenure is exactly what he is putting out from the opposition bench. Without mincing words, we can state confidently that there is no insecurity in this country.

Armed robbery is no longer rampant; in fact, Ghanaians cannot remember the last it occurred.

Ghana remains the envy of neighbouring countries where restiveness has become a feature.

If there are instances when brusqueness should not be marginalized, this is one and on that note we shall proceed to tell the former President that lying, which he has adopted in his political remarks as he goes round seeking votes, would not help his cause.

While seeking electoral advantage, he and others of his ilk must be mindful of the fallouts of their remarks. Our compatriots in the NDC have a penchant for extreme politicization of occurrences, which is often crude and therefore reprehensible.

Even as other politicians, and they are many, continue to chart new courses in local politics, it is unfortunate a few such as the former President of this country would embark on an unproductive mission of political calumny.

There is no doubt that the former President’s remarks are intended to have Ghana, under President Akufo-Addo, a man he loves to hate, lose its newfound international stature. Under him, the country descended so many notches on the deference chart. Ghana’s restored stature is a source of envy for him.

If his kind of politics can be stretched to this level, he has provided another standard for measuring desperation.

Now, we are wiser about the things the former President wants to exploit to advance his cause.

Seeking political power by hook or by crook regardless of the volumes of ethics that are trampled upon is a mark of irresponsible politicking.

With investigations already ramped up, we can bet that the true picture of the demolition would be presented for the whole world to see and appreciate.

If the former President does not have anything to say, keeping mute would be a better option.

Now that he has made a volte-face about the compilation of a new voters’ register, embarking on a full-scale campaigning for NDC supporters to come out en masse to be registered would be more productive to his political cause than this balderdash.

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