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Decent Campaign Makes A Party Attractive

Deputy National Youth Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dominic Eduah, popularly known as Field Marshal, has appealed to all aspirants to do a clean, fair and decent campaign in order to make their campaign look attractive.

Dominic Eduah who is vying for the National Youth Organizer position noted in a statement copied to that the actions and inactions of the aspirants will help attract others from the other political divide.

Read below full statement
The ultimate interest of our quest to serve our beloved party is to win election 2020. Our vision for Ghanaians will only be realized when we have the nod to govern the nation and this nod does not come on a silver platter unless we unitedly pursue the course of winning the pending election as well as subsequent ones.

I strongly believe that the NPP fraternity is attractive to Ghanaians due to our ability to comport ourselves in a manner that suit the cultural orientation of the citizenry.

I humbly plead with my fellow patriots, those supporting my bid as well as those supporting my contenders that we carry our campaigns decently to attract others from the other political divides.

The race for the next National Youth Organizer is an internal contest hence we must consider it as internal affairs which has to be carried with all decency it requires.

I strongly believe that each candidate in the race has something to offer the party which collectively, will help win election 2020.
Let’s not sell ourselves to our political opponents.
Let’s be each other’s keeper.
No matter who wins, it is NPP’s victory.

The NPP is known as the most attractive and comporting political party.
Our forefathers and many others toiled with their blood Many others sacrificed their most precious resources to build the NPP we see today.

Let’s not taint the image of the party Our generation has the capacity to make NPP vibrant Let’s build a strong NPP which our generation and generations to follow will all appreciate.

Dominic Eduah
Field Marshal
#The Job Dey Grounds

Source: Peacefmonline

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