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Deputy AG to General Legal Council: Be transparent

The Deputy attorney general Diana Asonaba Dapaah has urged Ghanaians and law students to discard the impression that there is a deliberate attempt to deter law students from enrolling in the Ghana School of Law.

She said such impressions are borne out of misconceptions and called for more transparency in the regulatory activities of the general legal council in admitting students into the Ghana School of law.

Her comments come on the back of 499 aggrieved law students who were refused admission into the Ghana School of Law last year, as well as a recent directive by the council asking students to sign an undertaking before their law entrance exams.

Speaking at the launch of the 17th anniversary week of the Law Students Union at the faculty of law at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Dapaah said she has always maintained “that there ought to be a continuing effort by the General Legal Council to ensure transparency in the regulation of legal education in Ghana.”

According to her, transparency in the regulation of legal education should be ensured from setting of exam questions and the marking of scripts.

Dapaah advised that although citizens are free to criticise the actions of the council, they should refrain from bastardising its role.

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