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Discussions on NDC’s running mate deliberate diversion strategy by govt – Asiedu Nketia

General Secretary for the opposition, National Democratic Congress(NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia has observed that the government and the NPP’s insistence on bringing issues about the NDC not having a Running Mate is a plan to divert attention from burning national issues.

Issues bothering the choice of Running Mate for the NDC ahead of December 2020 elections have been of major concern to the NPP. They’ve [NPP] on several platforms said the NDC lacks the men hence the difficulty in appointing an individual to occupy the position.

But speaking in an interview on TV3, General Mosquito said the political party’s unavailability of a Running Mate is not a conversation which should be tabled by a political party that does not have a flagbearer, a Running mate and has over 150 Parliamentary candidates to select.

He added that the discussions around the NDC flagbearer has been tabled by the government and the New Patriotic Party to divert attention from from burning national issues.

“There’s no standard practice of how to announce your Running Mate and when to announce your campaign team so that it is made to look as if NPP announces something then there’s some urgency on the other parties to do same. Every Party has a way of managing its affairs otherwise NPP will not pick on us saying that we don’t have a Running Mate when they do not have a flagbearer, they don’t have a running mate thy have about 150 parliamentary seats to fill and yet they divert peoples attention on to our Running.

“It is just an opposition main thing. I’m not sure our people are worried we don’t have a Running mate because this is not the first time we are going to nominate a Running mate and so the constitutional timeline is nowhere near so it is just a creation of the government and NPP to divert attention from burning national issues otherwise why if you who don’t have a flagbearer, you don’t have a running mate, you have more than 150 parliamentary candidates to select, at least we are almost through with ours so you who haven’t done the work why don’t you concentrate on what you haven’t done and you’re telling us you don’t have a running mate, what about you who doesn’t have a flagbearer.”

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