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Don’t let adversity weaken your faith in God – Bishop Heward-Mills

The Presiding Bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel Interrnational, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, has encouraged Christians not to allow adversity to come between them and their faith in God.
Bishop Heward-Mills said Sunday (April 17, 2022) that challenges were part of life and as children of God, Christians must not think that they were immuned to such difficulties.

A press statement from the Lighthouse International Church (LCI) said the Presiding Bishop, however, noted that the response of Christians to adversities must be Godly and anchored on their belief and faith in God as that would help to distinguish them, strengthen and entrench their Christian faith as well as encourage others to serve God.

Commendable faith

The advice from the Presiding Bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel came after news broke Friday that his first son, Dr David Heward-Mills, had passed.

The church said in the statement that the news broke after the Good Friday church service.

Dr Heward-Mills was the first son of Bishop Heward-Mills. David was a medical doctor residing and working in the United State of America.

“Despite the news of the death, the Bishop has displayed immense and commendable faith in God in the face of adversity and great loss,” the church stated.

“He encouraged his congregation to not lose faith in God,” it stated.

In-person convention

Meanwhile, following the lifting on the ban on social gatherings, Christians marked Good Friday in-person with various activities.

One such mamoth gathering was the LCI’s Good Friday “Miracle Service”, where many people filled the Independence Square in Accra.

Led by some Bishops of Charismatic denominations, the multitude prayed for the nation Ghana, specifically for President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the Executive, the Legislature, the Judiciary and the people of Ghana.

Prayers were also offered for the salvation of people in all nations.

A mass choir sang songs to mark the theme.

The well-organised gathering witnessed record-breaking numbers in attendance.

‘Mysterious Jesus’

Bishop Heward-Mills preached a sermon on “The Mysterious Accomplishment of Jesus Christ”.

He said the gruesome ordeal God’s son went through was to accomplish certain things that included temptation, pressure, betrayal, sorrow and accusations.

He also prayed for the gathering and offered special prayers for the sick to be healed.

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