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Don’t see Coronavirus vaccines as end-time prophecy – Rev. Opuni Frimpong

Executive Director of the Alliance for Christian Advocacy Africa (ACAA), Rev. Opuni Frimpong has entreated Ghanaians, especially the Christian community to regard the COVID-19 vaccine as any other vaccine rather than seeing it as the end-time prophecy.

He said this in an interview with Dela Michel on Midday Live on TV3, Tuesday, February 23.

Rev. Opuni, who was the General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana(CCG) was allaying fears of Ghanaians, especially Christians who perceive the coming of the COVID-19 vaccines into the country as a Bible prophecy to the effect that it is the sign of the “end-time”.

He said “We have seen vaccination for our children, we’ve seen vaccination at so many points in our lives so I would like us to treat this COVID vaccination as any other type of Vaccination that we have witnessed over the years. So the impression should not be like this is the first we are going through the process of being vaccinated and therefore the end has come, we have seen vaccination of all forms and that should not bring us to the end of the world” he emphasized.

“For the purpose of public trust and confidence, you know normally, the product that we have seen, gone are my school days we were using Milo, anytime they are advertising Milo on your station(TV), they will still emphasize that: FDA has tested and approved it. I would wish that a body will accept the responsibility that we have done all that we are supposed to do, we’ve done all the tests and Ghanaians are safe, I think that is what we need to hear, but that vaccination will bring us to the end of the world, we must treat this vaccination like any other vaccination that we’ve been giving to our children, young people all these years, I don’t think COVID vaccination will bring us to any danger, I don’t think so”.

He further pointed out that he is more than willing to take the vaccine publicly to build confidence among the Christian community to do same, to safeguard the community against the deadly pandemic.

“I am more than willing, more than ready but also for the purpose of public confidence because I wouldn’t want to mislead people, I trust my president will never go to whether Russia or anywhere to bring products that will harm us, I don’t think Nana Addo Dankwa and his ministers of health and others will dream of that. But then I’m saying that for the purpose of public confidence, let an indigenous organization, either a university or a research body thoroughly examine the content of the vaccine and accept responsibility that it’s not only coming from Russia but back at home as we do to all products, we have tested and approved it. I would want to have a local research body, a local organization accepting responsibility, but I still trust the government, I still trust my president that they will never take us for granted and therefore I am more than willing to take the vaccine” he emphasized.

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