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Duffuor: Strengthening NDC party branches key to 2024 victory

Duffuor has been speaking during outreach meetings with NDC constituency and branch executives in the Ashanti Region in a bid to reorganise the party to return to power

The former governor of the Bank of Ghana Dr Kwabena Duffuor has called on the NDC’s rank and file to join him focus on doing everything to strengthen and energise the party machinery at the grassroots level to enable the party reorganise to capture power in 2024.

Dr Duffuor has been speaking during outreach meetings with NDC constituency and branch executives in the Ashanti Region where the party has focused its attention in the past couple weeks as part of its official reorganisation efforts leading to the election of branch, constituency, regional and national internal elections to choose new leaders for the party.

As the opposition NDC party begins its reorganisation efforts towards strengthening the party machinery to capturing power in 2024, many have speculated about who ends up as the party’s next flag bearer. However, the party cannot choose a flag bearer until after it has reorganised and elected new party executives at all levels of the party beginning with the branches, the base of the party structure. The Ashanti Region has 47 constituencies, the largest number in the entire country.

In a social media post, the former finance minister under the President Atta Mills administration and business magnate explained the purpose of his recent meetings with NDC grassroots members.

“Last weekend, I met a number of branch and constituency executives in the Ashanti Region as part of efforts towards party reorganisation”. He also added, “We discussed matters relating to restructuring of our branch leadership, grassroots mobilisation and coordination with constituents.”

Dr Duffuor, a leading member of the NDC from the Ashanti region, an electoral Waterloo for the NDC, is widely rumoured to be seriously and inevitably lacing his boots to run for President in 2024 as NDC flag bearer. As one of a few leading members of the NDC of high repute in the Ashanti region, Dr Duffuor’s trump card, if he runs for president, maybe an historic effort to deliver his home region to the NDC party for victory in the next general elections.

Although former president John Mahama is yet to make a formal declaration of his interest in coming back to lead the NDC, he may have to prepare for his stiffest ever internal competition from Duffuor, a self-made man who seems currently to be the only brave man within the NDC capable of challenging the party establishment for internal change.

As the months go by, it will become clearer to NDC members and Ghanaians in general if this is the beginning of the battle for the control of the center of power within the opposition NDC party.

The NDC will elect its flag bearer for the 2024 presidential elections towards the end of 2022 or the early part of 2023 in accordance with its constitution which dictates that a flag bearer should be elected 22 clear months before the general elections when the party is in opposition.

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