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EU report on 2020 election defective – Peter Otokunor

Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has described the European Union’s report on the election 2020 as defective.

According to Peter Otokunor, the report does not accurately capture the happenings during the December elections, especially incidents that led to the loss of lives, voter suppression and among others.

“We think the report was wholly defective, it didn’t report what actually happened during the elections. We have since rejected the report and requested that if it is possible, they should make the correction to reflect what really happened during the elections,” he said on Joy FM.

“How can the EU report on election 2020 and would not recount how eight innocent citizens lost their lives during the election? How can the EU report on the 2020 election and would not mention all the brutal attack by state officials?” he quizzed.

Mr Otokunor added that there are many issues that also needed to be highlighted including the “biased” role of the EC.

“For the EU to say the election was handled in a fair manner, I think that is very problematic,” he added.

The NDC Deputy General Secretary’s comments come after the EU released their final report on the 2020 elections.

Among other things, the report stated that despite the election violence recorded in some areas of the country and instances of vote-buying, the election was free and fair.

The EU also made 18 recommendation some of which include, having the Electoral Commission publish on its website detailed polling station results for all elections and establishment of clear procedures for presiding officers, returning officers and regional collation officers to be stipulated on how to proceed in cases of irregularities during the counting and collation process.

Mr Otokunor said that the EU glossed over many other incidents that occurred adding that some of these cost people their lives.

He stated that it seems to him that the EU’s report is to appease a certain group of people adding “that is very unfortunate.”

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