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FDA to the public: Be wary of foods on delivery

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has urged the citizenry to be mindful of foods gotten through delivery services following “many reports” on foodborne diseases from such foods.

The FDA also advised the populace to check the food hygiene permit status of restaurants and food joints before placing an order from them to be sure of what they were consuming.

Rhoda Appiah, the head of Communications, FDA, speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) said the consuming public had to be careful to prevent food poisoning incidents during the Christmas festivities.

She said that was crucial and that the FDA as part of its intensified regulations on food establishments had started engagements with operators of apps such as Uber, Bolt, Glovo to ensure food safety.

Appiah said it was important that delivery service providers checked the food hygiene permit of chop bars, and restaurants before patronising them just as individuals.

“During these festivities when you are patronising the services of these food facilities, we expect that the public should look out for the FDA food hygiene permit displaced boldly in an open place.”

She said: “You may not be a restaurant but cooking for the public in your kitchen and delivering, its Ok but make sure you get the food hygiene permit then you can be allowed to advertise on the various delivery platforms.

“This is important to give people the assurance that the food they are about to eat is safe and of good quality,” she said.

Appiah said it was also important that Ghanaians checked street food vending permit of people who sold on table-tops, and also the expiry date of canned foods, especially during Christmas.

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