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FDA warns public on use and abuse of naphthalene balls

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has cautioned the public on the improper use and abuse of naphthalene balls.

It urged the public to adhere to the labeling instructions for Naphthalene containing products and all other chemicals for their health and safety.

The FDA in a press statement issued on Tuesday, June 4, 2024 said although it has registered Naphthalene-containing products for use as insecticides in Ghana, the products shouldn’t be abused.

The FDA warned that “these products should not come into contact with children or food, including water, and as a flammable material, should be kept away from fire.

According to the FDA, it has implemented strict labeling requirements to ensure consumer safety.

Registered naphthalene products in Ghana must include comprehensive usage instructions, storage guidelines, and prominent warnings.

”Labels explicitly instruct users to keep naphthalene away from food, water, and children, and to store them safely away from fire due to their flammable nature,” it added.

The authority further stressed that naphthalene can be used safely when all label instructions are followed meticulously.

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