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Forgive Volta NDC Chairman for divisive comments – Volta Minister

“Let’s all forgive our brother, Mr. Ametefe the Volta NDC Chairman for his divisive comments. I am sure it was in the heat of a political talk,” the Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa has pleaded.

He noted that “No part of Volta region is non-Ghanaian. We are all Ghanaians in this region and so, for someone to suggest that we are under siege is unfortunate.”

He added that another comment by the Volta NDC chairman threatening the Vice-Chancellor of University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) was in bad taste and must be condemned by all.

The Volta Regional Minister made the appeal in reaction to certain, tribal, ethnocentric and divisive statements made by Henry Ametefe, NDC Volta Chairman during a press conference last week.

The NDC chairman on live radio and a Facebook live video incited people of the Volta region against the government, President Akufo-Addo, the NPP party and even Voltarians whom he alleged were conniving with the powers that be to destabilise and disenfranchise citizens in the region.

Mr. Ametefe his tantrums said among other things that the increased security presence along border communities in the region, especially Ketu North and Ketu South was a subtle attempt to destabilise the region, disenfranchise Voltarians in the upcoming 2020 elections.

“It was also a declaration of war against the people of Volta region,” he alleged.
He also launched some defamation attacks along tribal and ethnic lines against the Vice Chancellor of UHAS, Prof. John Gyapong. The attacks which have been described by many residents and staff of the University as a threat to the autonomy of the tertiary education was without any proof whatsoever.

However, reacting to the comments, the Volta Regional Minster, Dr. Archibald Letsa appealed that all should forgive the NDC stalwart for his comments and condemn the tribal attacks in no uncertain terms.

He noted that “We (Voltarians) are hospitable and such comments were unfortunate. We call on the chiefs and people of the Volta region and other civil society organisations to come out and condemn such comments and assure Ghanaians that we are hospitable people.”

He added that “We host a lot of citizens from all parts of the country same way other regions host Voltarians. Such ethnocentric and divisive comments must be frowned upon. There is absolute peace and stability in the country. No part of Volta region is non Ghanaian.”

Dr. Letsa commended UHAS Vice Chancellor for the successes chalked under his tenure and apologised to Prof Gyapong saying “on behalf of the NDC we apologise to the good Prof. (Gyapong) because Just as Voltarians are serving in other parts of the country so, are others serving here.”

“This is not the character of the Volta region. We are hospitable and such comments were unfortunate”, he stated.

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