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Ghana Card an alternative for travel in West Africa, not replacing passports – NIA

The National Identification Authority has clarified that Ghana Card can be used as an alternative to the passport in travelling across West Africa, but is not a replacement for passports.

This clarification was made following suggestions that Ghana could switch from a passport to the Ghana Card as a means of travelling.

The Head of Corporate Affairs for the National Identification Authority, Abudu Abdul Ganiyu noted that “there is a portion for individual passport information on the Ghana Card that can facilitate the purpose of travel, but it doesn’t mean that the Ghana Card is going to replace the passport.”

“Within the West African subregion at the moment, once you carry your Ghana passport, at every checking point, they can easily look at the Ghana card and once they are able to establish your identity, they will allow you to cross the border.”

“That simply means the Card is being used at the borders,” Mr. Ganiyu explained.

The Ghana Card has already replaced or is complementing some key government services and processes.

The National Health Insurance Authority has linked the Scheme’s Card to the National Identification Authority’s database to allow Ghana Card holders to access healthcare services.

Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) are also being phased out gradually as Ghana Card numbers officially take their place.

Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) numbers are also being replaced with the Ghana Card numbers.

There are currently over 15 million persons registered for the Ghana Card.

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