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Ghana needs only 50 “sane voices” to change, says Prof. Adei

Professor Stephen Adei, an educationist and economist has called on “independent voices” in the country to speak up and contribute to the development of Ghana.

Prof Adei said the development of the country cannot be left for the politicians alone.

Speaking with Nana Yaa Mensah on Sunday Night, he said, “What is needed is independent voices and people who don’t depend on the system for survival. And I believe that especially people in academia have a lot more to do. People in businesses are very vulnerable because our system has a way of crippling your business irrespective of what you are doing for Ghana if you get to the wrong side of the politician.”

He cited social media commentary as the reason why some “sane voices” are not being heard.

“Independent voices”
“…especially these social media insult that’s why you don’t hear people like Kwame Pianim, Ishmael Yamson; these are people who have brains but they don’t talk because a serial caller will just insult you…

“I think that certain voices must be heard. I think that there is too much silence and therefore the only people you are hearing are these politicians.”

He added, “But there is the need for independent voices that put Ghana first [to be heard] and you won’t get from the typical politician because of their trade… I can tell you, we need only 50 sane voices and Ghana will change.”

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