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Ghana School of Law: Committee recommend removal of SRC president Victor Wonder Kutor

The Committee set up by authorities of the Ghana school of law to investigate alleged financial impropriety within the Student Representative Council (SRC) of the Ghana school of law, has made adverse findings against the SCR president, Wonder Victor Kutor, and has recommended his removal from office.

The committee in its report said it found evidence to support its conclusion that the SRC President, Victor Wonder Kutor placed himself in a position where his personal interest conflicted with that of the Ghana School of Law SRC.

One of the key recommendations of the committee was that the requisite statutory processes should be triggered by the appropriate bodies “to remove Wonder Victor Tutor as SRC President if his tenure has not ended”.

The committee also recommended that other lawful disciplinary actions should be taken against Victor Wonder Kutor, for breaching his “fiduciary duties” as well as his “presidential oath”.

Among others, he was also accused of running an SRC-owned Mobile Money business with his company name and diverting proceeds from the business for his personal use.

Decisions for foreign travels embarked upon by the SRC were also unilaterally taken by the SRC President, who single-handedly selected persons who went on foreign trips.

The committee among other things said there was no evidence of an executive decision taken by the SRC Executive Council for the operation of an SRC Momo business which had the merchant SIM registered in the name of Wonder Consult, another sole proprietorship owned by Wonder.

Further evidence gathered among others also revealed that one Albert Obidiaba who is not a student at the Ghana School of Law was sponsored with SRC Funds for a trip to Uganda following a decision the SRC President took.

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