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GIPC presents “The Ghana Story” to investors in Brazil

The chief executive officer of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Yofi Grant has been presenting the “Ghana Story” to investors in Brazil.

The GIPC is currently undertaking an investment promotion mission to Latin America with a forum in Brazil which seeks to woo investors into the country.

This forum presents an opportunity to explore potential investments in agriculture, health, finance, ICT and tourism potentials of the country.

Speaking to investors on Tuesday (21 March) in Brazil, Grant said: “We’ve always positioned ourselves as the dynamic, robust and aggressive country in Africa…Ghana as small as we are, there is one unique thing about Ghana that no other country in the world can claim; we are the country that can be said to be in the centre of the world.”

He added, “As a logistics and connection hub, Ghana is ideally suited for investment”.

“Ghana is Africa 101”
Grant said the “Ghana Story” is a story of three goals; optimism, openness and opportunities.

The CEO of GIPC said the country offers investors a tariff-free market of over 1.4 billion people in Africa hence the need for them to look to Ghana for investments.

“Ghana is rich in opportunities very much like Africa is. In fact, I say Ghana is Africa 101. If you want to come to Africa, you can test it by coming to Ghana first,” Grant told the investors.

Brazil is the 12th largest trade partner with bilateral trade between the two countries totalling about US$300 million as of 2020.

The top exports from Ghana to Brazil in 2022 were gold, cashew and aluminium ores which accounted for about 90% of Ghana’s exports to Brazil.

Also, the top exports from Brazil to Ghana in 2022 were sugar, meat, beverage and machinery which accounted for over 50% of Brazil’s exports to the country.

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