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Govt Bans Calendars, Diaries

Beginning 2018, government has banned the production of diaries and calendars by public institutions.

“The production of diaries and calendars by public institutions will be discontinued in 2018,” Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta announced in the 2018 budget statement.

According to the Minister, the decision forms part of measures to cut back on the administrative overhead of all public institutions, including State Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

Comprehensive rationalisation
In the 2018 budget, Ofori-Atta stated that government would undertake comprehensive rationalisation of all administrative costs, including vehicle running cost, capacity building, printing, workshops and seminars.

It is estimated that public institutions, including State Owned Enterprises, spend millions of cedis on printing of diaries and calendars each year.

Critics say public institutions, including State Owned Enterprises, grapple with inadequate financial resources each year, and, therefore, should not be spending scarce resources on gifts for clients.

Benefits of a branded calendar and diary
Branding experts say there are many benefits associated with having a branded calendar and diary printed for an organisation.

According to them, diaries and calendars remain some of the most popular corporate gift items to give to clients or staff and corporate bodies.

The experts argue that the popularity of calendars, diaries and notebooks has endured, in spite of the increasing use of technology – their ubiquity within the office is proving to be remarkably impervious to the digital age.

In view of this, public institutions, including State Owned Enterprises, have also taken advantage of the benefits of printing calendars and diaries at the end of each year for their staff and external publics.

Festive season gifts
It is common practice in Ghana for individuals and businesses to send hampers packed with consumables and non-consumables to friends and people in authority during the festive season.

Gifts and favours
While some gifts signify traditional sharing, others are given out in appreciation of past or future favours.

The cost of official Christmas hampers presented by ministries and departments to board members and others, which came into vogue in a big way a few years ago, kept rising, increasing government’s expenditure at alarming rates.

Those charged with organising hampers on behalf of public institutions, including State Owned Enterprises, are said to be making a tidy annual profit from that assignment.

Little wonder, during the tenure of President John Atta Mills, he banned the giving of hampers bought with state money, but despite that move, many public institutions, including State Owned Enterprises, continued to print diaries and calendars every end of year.

The ban, imposed by the Finance Minister in the 2018 budget, means public institutions, including State Owned Enterprises, will not have any gift for their staff and external publics next year.

Leasing of office equipment and motor vehicles
Ofori-Atta explained that as part of government’s continuing efforts at prudent liquidity management, reducing cost, deepening the leasing sector and accelerating the drive towards a more efficient public sector, government would adopt leasing as the main vehicle for financing the acquisition and use of government assets.

Govt’s travel expenses
On government’s travel expenses, he said, as part of measures aimed at curbing public expenditure, government would rationalise its travel expenditure by introducing the use of a corporate travel tool to consolidate official travel and ensure transparency in ticket pricing and policy compliance.

Benefits of calendars and diaries
The first thing is that it lends an impression of professionalism to company and institutions.

This is especially effective when the calendar is well designed, well printed, with professional finishing. The brand is exposed every time someone makes an appointment or checks when the public or school holidays are due.

Diaries are used every day, offering opportunities to keep the brand in the client’s mind. Unlike pamphlets or adverts in magazines, calendars and diaries will not be thrown out for a whole year.

Custom diaries leave a lasting impression on the client, and institutions design the diary to suit the institution’s identity. Calendars can be used as a way to showcase an institution’s achievements or sense of taste.

A good idea is a calendar that showcases the work of the institution. Branded products, including diaries and calendars, help institution to retain client loyalty.

Clients who receive a free custom-printed calendar/diary will be thrilled at getting a gift. This will serve as a token of gratitude, and let’s face it – everyone needs diaries.

These are just some of the many benefits of getting custom-printed diaries and calendars for your company.

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