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GREDA to government: Create enabling environment for private developers to thrive

The Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA) has suggested to the government to create an enabling environment for private developers to thrive in the housing sector.

The executive secretary of GREDA Samuel Amegayibor believes this will greatly contribute to reducing Ghana’s housing deficit, which now stands at two million units.

Speaking at the 3rd edition of Asaase Radio’s TAG Series on Saturday (4 June), Amegayibor said the government must not compete with private developers in the housing sector.

“All the energy you are putting in churning out houses is failing, churn it towards facilitating us, those who are business people, who can deliver.

“People are delivering houses. Real estate developers are delivering houses that are far cheaper than what the government is putting on the market and yet they have not received any support from the government and yet their unit cost is lower,” he said.

“Land is one major problem everybody is facing and government itself is facing the same problem. The government is building on lands that they don’t have title to, so why are you joining us in struggling to get lands, why don’t you channel your energy in making the land acquisition easy and simple,” Amegayibor said.

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