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Gyakye Quayson: I don’t fear going to jail

The MP for Assin North James Gyakye Quayson has expressed unwavering confidence in Ghana’s criminal justice system as he faces charges of perjury and forgery in an ongoing trial.

When questioned about any concerns regarding the possibility of incarceration if found guilty, the embattled lawmaker said: “No, why should I? I believe in the justice system.”

“The fundamental thing about any judicial matter is that person intended to commit that crime. Did he plan it, I have not planned anything of such,” he added.

“My strongest conviction is that this is just a matter of time,” he told Accra-based Citi FM. “When you believe you have done the right thing, you shouldn’t be afraid. I trust the court will deliver a very positive verdict. I trust my lawyers, I trust the conscience of the people.”

The MP disclosed that he had been exercising his dual citizenship since 2009. He explained the process of obtaining dual citizenship through the Ministry of Interior, involving the presentation of both a Canadian and Ghanaian passport to secure a green certificate.

Quayson’s dual citizenship allowed him to travel freely between Ghana and Canada without the need for a visa. He pointed out that the Ghanaian authorities officially recognised his dual citizenship status, raising questions about the allegations surrounding his nationality.

“So, I don’t fear going to jail at all,” Quayson added.

Quayson is facing charges of forgery and perjury in relation to certain alleged offences in the run up to the 2020 Assin North parliamentary election.

He has pleaded not guilty to five counts of forgery of passport or travel certificate, knowingly making a false statutory declaration, perjury and false declaration for office.

It is the case of the prosecution that Quayson allegedly made a false statement to the Passport Office that he did not hold a passport to another country when he applied for a Ghanaian Passport.

In addition, the prosecution has accused Quayson of making a false declaration to the Electoral Commission (EC) to the effect that he (Quayson) did not owe any allegiance to a foreign country when he filed to contest as candidate for the Assin North seat.

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