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Heavy floods to hit Accra, Kasoa in March – GMA warns

The Ghana Meteorological Agency has warned of floods in parts of Accra and Kasoa on the onset of rains in March, 2020.

According to the Agency, areas such as Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Weija and the Graphic road will be the hardest hit owing to made-made factors including chocked drains and buildings blocking waterways.

The Director-General of the Ghana Meteorological Agency, Michael Tanu has urged individuals to take precautions during this period.

“We will still warn that floods are definitely possible to happen because the resilience level of Accra particularly has changed. To get flooding in Accra you need to get 80mm of rainfall but currently, 30mm of rainfall can cause flooding all because our gutters are chocked.

He added that the National Disaster Management Organization(NADMO) are always updated with information to enable them to prepare adequately to deal with disasters.

“Ours is to provide the information to them, the Hydrological Services runs a model threshold beyond which when our rainfall information gets to them they know that there are going to be floods. Because they’ve demarcation in some of these flood areas, we liaise with NADMO the information gets to them so that they can take the necessary precaution because they have the response team.”

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