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How parliament redeemed itself with orderly, chaos-free voting on three minister-nominees

In the aftermath of the events of January 7 and January 8, 2021, parliament, through a statement by its public affairs unit vowed never to allow a repetition of same.

The statement which was signed by Kate Addo, the Director of Public Affairs Unit assured Ghanaians that steps were going to be taken to ensure that the chaos that marred the election of the speaker of the eighth parliament was not witnessed again.

Over the period, members of parliament have in their individual capacities issued apologies and pledged to behave in a more acceptable and honourable manner whenever a similar issue pops up.

So, on the night of March 3 and the morning of March 4, 2021, members of parliament had a chance to assuage Ghanaians that never again will they cause the country shame and that their promises were not mere words.

During the debate on the recommendations by the Appointments Committee on the minister-nominees vetted so far, tempers flared a few times and the temptation to reenact the events of January 7 and 8 appeared likely.

Members of Parliament, however, held themselves together and behaved in ways that match their honourable title.

After the debate, voting was held on the recommendations by the Appointments Committee on the three nominees and before the ballot box was mounted, Speaker Alban Bagbin issued a stern warning to the MPs and reminded them of the need to conduct themselves properly.

“I appeal with members to let’s do this in a more peaceful manner than what you did on the 7th. This time around there is a speaker. On the 7th, there was no speaker. Today is my day and I will not take kindly to any disorder in the house,” he said.

Commendably, the voting process was very peaceful just like the sorting and counting processes.

This time around, there was no Carlos Ahenkorah incident to warrant a chase from Muntaka Mubarak, the Minority Chief Whip.

After the counting which was supervised by the whips for both sides, the speaker announced the outcome.

Parliament rejected the recommendations of the Appointments Committee and approved the three nominees.

Sitting was adjourned to 16:00GM, March 4, 2021.

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