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I’m Willing To Sit And Have A Drink With Dela Goldheart – Ace Ankomah

Private legal practitioner, Ace Anan Ankomah has disclosed that he is ever ready to wine and dine with Dela Goldheart, a lady believed to be a staunch feminist who subtly disrespected him and his wife over a Facebook post he made which suggested that women are responsible for the management of the home and not their husbands.

According to Ace, he has no connection with the lady whose real name is Amelia Amedela Amemate but her reaction to his post on the social media platform made him very furious which eventually resulted in the exchange of words, however he has let sleeping dogs lie.

“In fact she is not even my friend on Facebook, she came onto my fanpage which is different from my wall because that is open to the public, I don’t know who she is, I have never met her, and I have no desire to meet her. But as far as I’m concerned that’s done and dusted,” he said.

The Managing Partner for Bentsi- Enchil, Letsa speaking in an interview on GhanaWeb’s ‘21 minutes with KKB’ was quick to add that, he will cushion the past at any point in time if there is an opportunity for him to meet his anonymous ‘foe’ and have a great chat over drinks with her.

He averred that such circumstance can only be pulled off if respect for each other’s personality is maintained.

“Absolutely, if we can respect each other, why not? If you can’t respect me then I won’t have a drink with you but if you can respect me and we can have a disagreement. I’m happy for a banter, I banter for a living. I literally fight for a living, fighting to put food on my table so it is a daily occurrence to me so it doesn’t worry me but when you get personal… and I think we’ve got to learn how to say I disagree without saying stupid first, you know. That rouse me the wrong way.”

“So let’s have the debate and you could win the debate, I could win the debate. Look, democracy is a debate. You think one way I think the other way, we meet and talk. If we find a compromise then we put it down, we do it… there are other ways in which we disagree. The fact that I disagree with you does not make me wrong or you right or vice versa. It doesn’t make you a bad person because you think one way or the other, it is what you think that I disagree with, so let’s disagree on thoughts, let’s banter on it, let’s even have an excited debate on it,” he noted.

He argued that, “I’m happy to have the debate, I think something you think differently, wow, that’s great! I might even come round to agreeing with you but the minute you start with insults then you have change the nature or color of the debate. At that point I have two options, I can ignore you and trust me I ignore 99% of the irritations but this one I needed to lay down a mark.”


About a week ago, the argument on whether or not a wife should be cooking for her husband took an interesting turn when Ace Ankomah engaged in a war of words with Dela Goldheart.

In a piece which captured some marriage tips he offered to a friend, Ace Ankomah indicated that the responsibility of a man is to provide money for the home while that of the wife is to ensure that the home is properly managed and that according to him includes the kitchen.

He posited that these roles cannot be swapped so irrespective of whether the woman chooses to work or not, the kitchen is part of her primary responsibilities.

Ace Ankomah’s assertion appeared to have infuriated Dela Goldheart as she expressed utmost disappointment in him for taking such stance.

“I never thought I will say this about you but I guess career excellence and knowledge in law doesn’t make you exceptional when it comes to issues affecting women. You grew up in a patriarchal society. The system is designed to favour you. You had no education on gender equality when growing up. But you know what? That can be changed. You have everything your wife has. I know you are smart enough to see that your wife does not use her vagina to cook or order food. And when it comes to strength, you even have more (likely). So if anyone should work and cook, it should be you. And one more thing, the meaning of daddy and mommy has never been static. Those who improve the world understand that change is one of the factors of progress. Think about it,” she argued.

Unhappy about the remarks, Ace Ankomah responded describing the thoughts of Dela as “jaundiced”.

“The problem with some of you is that you think every male thinks in a certain way and that it is up to you to educate us. Madam, the person who needs education here is staring right at you in your mirror.

“And where did you get the nonsense from about cooking with a vagina? Are you stupid or just deranged? Does the anonymity of social media give you the right to speak tosh to everyone? You would be proud to be associated with my wife for just 5 minutes in your life. Twit!!

“Take your personal frustrations and bitterness with life elsewhere and get the heck off my page with your angry, rabid and misdirected feminism. Learn to show respect to yourself first. You are a young woman with serious psyche issues. You need help,” he fired back.


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