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I’ll form first representative government in nation’s history – Alan pledges

The founder and leader of the Movement for Change (M4C), Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, has pledged to lead a government that represents all segments of the country if elected as President in the upcoming presidential election.

He said the divisiveness in the country’s politics, driven by the duopoly of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), was the major destabilising factor of Ghana’s progress.

Therefore, to overcome this, Mr Kyerematen said there was an urgent and critical need for a new political system that eliminated the current “winner takes all” system, ensured the continuity of the execution of government projects, and avoided the arrogance associated with political power and influence.

“A government of national unity made up of representatives from different political parties, the business community, labour unions, civil society, professional bodies, faith-based organisations, traditional authorities and other interest groups, including traders, farmers, fishermen and artisans among others,” he explained.

Mr Kyerematen, who is a former Minister of Trade and Industry, was speaking at the launch of the Alliance for Revolutionary Change (ARC), an amalgamation of political groups whose primary purpose is to topple the nation’s political duopoly and offer Ghanaians an alternative government.

It is made up of the Movement for Change (M4C), the National Interest Movement (NIM), the Ghana Green Party (GGP), the Third Force Movement, the Non-Alliance Voters Association of Ghana (NAVAG), the Ghana First Coalition (GFC), the Union Movement (UM), the Crusaders Against Corruption, and the Ghana National Party (GNP) among others.

As part of the launch, the groups signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to legalise the new pact. Prior to the signing, the leaders of the various groups took turns to share their vision and pledged their unalloyed support for the new political entity.

Transformation agenda
Mr Kyerematen, who is the leader of the ARC, also promised to revive the nation’s economy with a six-point agenda of which building a united government was one. He said he would usher in a new type of visionary, competent, accountable, transparent, action-oriented, results-driven and compassionate leadership; implement transformational policies and make the private sector the engine of growth and development.

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