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I’ll partner TUC for better workers salaries – New Force Movement founder assures

The Founder of the New Force Movement, Nana Kwame Bediako, says he will partner with the Trades Union Congress (TUC) to push for better working conditions for workers to curb corruption if he is elected President at the December polls.


He said once the government paid workers fair salaries and created more jobs that had at least 20 to 30 years lifespan, no worker would want to risk his or her job for any bribe.

“Once you start to give value and people know they work for GH¢8,000 or GH¢10,000 that pays their rent, children’s fees, fuel and car, they will never want to lose that GH¢10,000,” he said.

Speaking during an engagement with the leadership and staff of the TUC in Accra yesterday, Mr Bediako said: “Now that workers are earning only GH¢1,000 or GH¢2,000, it is a do-or-die for them and their families.”

“Because the worker cannot survive, he does not care to lose his job because a crazy man does not care because he is crazy,” he said. The engagement allowed the New Force Movement founder to espouse his policies and vision for Ghana once he was elected the President.

We’re promoting corruption
Nana Bediako said corruption existed in Africa mainly because most workers did not enjoy better working conditions. He said contrary to what pertained in Africa, once one exited the African continent “you do not hear corruption”.

“In other parts of the world, I think they use more the word ‘deception’, and once there is deception, you are charged and you are going to prison. “In Africa, corruption is free because when you are wrong, they take you to the police station and the policeman will agree with you on how to move forward. So what we are doing is encouraging people, and this starts from the top,” he said.

He argued that until Ghanaians began to have accountable and responsible leaders, and the people held leaders accountable for their stewardship, corruption would continue to fester.

“Until Ghanaians ask their leaders where is the money and the resources, and what their taxes are doing for them, corruption will never leave us because it is like a disease that has no cure.

Highlighting some of his accomplishments, Mr Bediako said as a young leader, who just turned 44 years, he had put together a team of experts and had successfully built so many projects.

He said he had already created an industrial hub that would create well-paying jobs and generate billions of dollars. “So, whether the government or the country likes or does not love me, I love you and I do not need your permission or consent.

“I will do it for you one way or another because I have the template, and this is what happens in the world when they gave chances to people like Rockefeller, Andrew Kennedy and Henry Ford who built America,” he said.

Dredging sea to Kumasi viable
Earlier, the Secretary-General of TUC, Dr Anthony Yaw Baah, said proposed flagship policy of the Nana Bediako to dredge the sea from Accra to Kumasi had resonated well with the country’s organised labour.

In his view, the proposed policy was earlier “misconstrued” by Ghanaians, including himself. Dr Baah, however, said he had appreciated the policy after Nana Bediako visited him to shed more light on the vision.

“If you look at the river systems, when you dredge the Pra, Tano, Bia and the rest, it easily links to Cape Coast. And his point was that why should we use our roads to cart things?”

“We can actually use our river systems, once we dredge properly, the vessels can use it, and they can transport it from Accra to the north. God has given us a huge river that we are not using because many people don’t really understand that policy,” Dr Baah recounted.

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