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John Mahama opposes proposal for general elections to be held on November 7

The Presidential Candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama has opposed the proposal for the general elections to be held in November 2024.

He explained that the proposed change of date for the general elections is not feasible as the Electoral Commission has not exhibited its preparedness.

“We in the NDC do not find the proposal of a change in date from December to November as feasible nor helpful and we will not be supporting same as we do not believe that this is being proposed in good faith”, he said while addressing a Minority Caucus workshop at the Volta Serene Hotel in Ho.

Mr. Mahama explained that failure to table this year’s election calendar as of February 2024 and the fallouts of the December 2023 District Level Elections indicate the Commission’s unreadiness for the constitutional exercise in November, instead of December 2024.

“Over a month into the election year, something as basic as the calendar of activities for the year has not yet been prepared by the Electoral Commission”, he lamented.

He urged the Commission to organize its house to ensure a credible, fair, and transparent elections in December as has been done since the inception of the 4th Republic.

This he said would avert unfortunate incidents such as the logistical shortfalls seen in the District Level Elections in December 2023.

Mr. Mahama asserted that the move to change the date for the general elections is part of a grand scheme being deployed by the government to rig the elections in favor of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He said the governing party is sensing the clamour by the Ghanaian citizenry for a change of government hence adopting strategies to “undermine the credibility of the elections”.

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