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Kennedy Agyapong raises concerns over the perception of honesty as arrogance in Ghana

The distinguished business magnate, during an interview on Citi TV, expressed his dismay at the prevailing tendency to categorize those who speak candidly as arrogant, a characterization he believes dissuades many from engaging openly in discussions of significance, for fear of acquiring the “arrogant” label.

Mr. Agyapong stated, “A lot of people in Ghana are afraid to speak the truth because they are afraid they will be called arrogant. When you speak the truth, they say you are arrogant, they say you are insulting”.

Reflecting on his often perceived strong language and forthright responses on public media platforms, Agyapong explained, “I always reciprocate actions and before I come out, you would have done it for several times that I did not even say anything and one day, when I come out, because it is me, then the public begin to have problems with my response and I think that is unfair.”

He emphasized the necessity for boldness, honesty, sincerity, and discipline in the country’s efforts to progress.

Mr. Agyapong expressed his disagreement with the practice of reprimanding individuals who respond to allegations and insults aimed at them while ignoring the initial provocations.

Arguing that his record showcases a balance between positive and perceived negative actions, Mr. Agyapong defended himself as a model worth emulating.

He maintained that the overall impact of his contributions outweighs any negative perceptions that might arise from his outspoken nature.

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