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Kenyan MPs face arrest over deadly political clash

The head of Kenya’s police force has ordered the arrest of two MPs in connection with an outbreak of violence between rival political supporters that left two people dead and several injured.

Ndindi Nyoro and Alice Wahome are accused of hiring people to instigate clashes between supporters of President Uhuru Kenyatta and those backing his deputy, William Ruto.

Police chief Hillary Mutyambai has also ordered that vehicles hired to “ferry goons” be tracked and detained to assist in Investigation.

Supporters of President Kenyatta, and those backing his deputy, Mr Ruto, pelted each other with stones and burnt tyres outside a church in central Kenya.

The police fired tear gas – some of which went into the church.

The two leaders have fallen out, largely due to Mr Ruto’s intention to run for president in two years time when Mr Kenyatta steps down.

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