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Meet Dr Prince Afriyie, the Ghanaian appointed to the Centers for Disease Control in US

An associate professor at the University of Virginia’s School of Data Science, Dr Prince Afriyie, has been appointed to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in America.

Dr Prince Afriyie, who is a Ghanaian, will serve for the next three years on the statistics review committee of CDC, an official communication said.

The goal of the statistics review committee (SRC) is to advance understanding and dissemination of statistical methods and testing in the public health field and to help practitioners use this statistical knowledge in decreasing chronic disease and improving health across the life span.

PCD’s SRC members are volunteers with training and expertise in statistics and biostatistics who assist the journal with assessing peer-reviewed articles to determine the appropriateness of the research and evaluation questions.

About Dr Afriyie
Dr Afriyie is also the director of the Master of Data Science at the University of Virginia (UVA). He received his PhD in Statistics at Temple University.

His research includes multiple comparisons, survival analysis as well as statistics and data science education.

His research in multiple comparisons is focused on developing new and powerful methodologies when testing multiple hypotheses simultaneously, including its application on high-throughput genomic data in detecting differentially expressed genes between two groups — cancer and no cancer.

Currently, in collaboration with the cardiology department at UVA Health, Dr Afriyie helps with statistical risk analysis pertaining to heart failure. His research has been published in statistics, agriculture, business, and medical journals.

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