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Minority will hold government accountable – Muntaka Mubarak

Minority Chief Whip Muntaka Mubarak is urging Ghanaians to not lose hope in their commitment to check and hold the government accountable.

Speaking on PM Express on JoyNews he stated that during the government’s first term, the NDC MPs on numerous occasions stood their ground to ensure some decisions were justified.

He explained that with both parties having the same number in Parliament, they will continue to ensure the government is held accountable to the people.

“Remember when we were 106, we fought so well that people at a point forgot that they were 106, it was almost as if we were par. Now we are 137 they are 137+1, why will you want to have doubt that it is going to be different? We will hold them accountable.”

“I just to tell the party rank and file and the generality of Ghanaians you can be rest assured, we will hold them accountable, don’t have doubt on that we will hold them accountable,” he told Evan Mensah.

He disputed rumours that the minority MPs on the Appointment Committee and in Parliament have been may have been comprimesd to allow for the confirmation of Ken Ofori-Atta and other ministers at the vetting.

“Sometimes you hear the rumour they have been compromised, that is very unfortunate to hear. As nominees many of them did everything under this sun to even meet me, we refused,” he said.

His comment comes after some members of the NDC expressed displeasure at the minority leadership for approving the nomination of the Finance Minister.

On the back of this, the leadership of NDC asked its members together with its executives to be circumspect in their statements.

MP for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, has subsequently resigned from the Appointments Committee.

On Monday, Deputy Minority Whip in Parliament, Ahmed Ibrahim said that it would be unwise to bring someone else in to inherit the ‘mess’ he suggested Mr Ofori-Atta created in his first term as Minister.

He explained that it would be easier for a new minister to make excuses when questioned about projects that were not managed under their tenure.

In an exclusive interview, Muntaka Mubarak told Evans Mensah that the decision to approve the Finance Minister was not taken lightly adding that they did have some reservations.

However, the leadership of the NDC in Parliament, he insists, are committed to following up on all the reservations they have including ensuring Mr Ofori-Atta follows through with his promise to meet the Public Interest and Accountability Committee.

“There are actions that leadership takes sometimes, at that moment you may not understand but maybe as things roll by you begin to appreciate, I can tell you that this was not taken lightly, it was thoroughly discussed and we came to the conclusion.”

“He’s promised to make sure that he meets the PIAC and then they reconcile the figures, latest in a month and report to the house, so we will be watching that,” he added.

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