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Mozambican soldiers arrested during COVID curfew

Mozambican authorities have arrested at least 24 people for violating a Covid night curfew over the weekend in the conflict-hit Cabo Delgado province.

Most of the people arrested were soldiers, some in their uniform, who had been out drinking. They were disarmed and detained in the provincial capital Pemba.

Provincial police chief Silvestre Zacarias said officers were obliged to use force and detain citizens defying the regulations.

He added that soldiers should set an example in observing health regulations because they had been ordered by the president as the commander-in-chief.

“Unfortunately, we have this situation that you have just witnessed. These are members of the armed forces, acting outside the recommended norms,” he said.

Mozambique posts record daily Covid deaths
Meanwhile Mozambique has set a new record in the number of daily Covid deaths, registering 32 deaths between Tuesday and Wednesday.

The health ministry on Wednesday also announced 1,704 new infections, with a cumulative 103,713 positive cases now registered.

So far 1,190 have died from the virus. Most of the infections have occurred in the capital city and the large province of Maputo.

The rise in numbers occur at a time when the authorities reckon that the country’s health system is on the verge of collapse.

Maputo province is already running out of beds to admit new Covid patients.

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