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My government not slow in prosecuting alleged corrupt NDC officials – Akufo Addo

President Akufo Addo has rejected criticisms about the pace of his administration in prosecuting alleged corruption persons in the erstwhile Mahama led government insisting his government will not sidestep the due process just to put persons behind bars.

The comments come in the wake of complaints by some anti-graft campaigners about what they say is the NPP government’s slow pace of dealing with corruption cases.

Speaking to the Ghanaian community in Canada where he is on a three-day visit, President Akufo Addo disclosed that 21 persons are on trial for various corruption cases.

“The Attorney General in the meaning is not being idle, people are saying there is no prosecutions. 21 people are on trial in Ghana today for corruption but one of the things that I am not prepared to do under any condition is to do away with due process, I am not, I fought for it all my life that we’ll have a state in Ghana that recognizes, accepts due process as a fundamental instrument of state policy.

“So putting somebody before court and that person is making application after application whether it’s to delay the process or not applications are genuine and you have to recognize their rights to do it and it when those are exhausted that those trials can begin. Some of the trials have started and let us accept the judicial process as it is work with it knowing fully well that if tomorrow you would also want to have due process applied to you. We are not going to have a situation where for political reasons due process is denied some people but it’s applied to other people. I will never preside over Ghanaians with that kind of discrimination,” President Akufo Addo added.

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