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My Law firm has never worked for any govt in Ghana – Samson Anyenini replies Kevin Taylor

Lawyer and Broadcast Journalist, Samson Lardy Anyenini has denied claims by Ekow Kevin Taylor that his law firm provided consultancy services on the Agyapa dead which has been highly criticized by the people of Ghana.

Ekow Kevin Taylor on his show accused Samson Anyenini of conniving with Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko on the Agyapa Royalties deal to rob the country of millions of dollars.

But in a post on Facebook addressing the various allegations against his person and his Law firm, Samson stated emphatically that since he started his law firm in 2014, he has not done any work for any government in Ghana.

He indicates that claims by Ekow Kevin Taylor are false and an attempt to tarnish his hard-won reputation he has built over the years.

Sharing this in a post on Facebook, Samson said “Pray – There is this ignorant guy who thinks there is a brand of journalism in shouting insults and telling outright lies. He has repeated that his lie from the pit of hell that I rendered legal advice on Agyapa. Kevin has dared me to deny if a certain Gabby didn’t give me a consultancy job and I didn’t take money from Agyapa. Now hear me and bring the proof you lie to your gullible followers that you will show them if I dared deny your big fat lie. My firm and I have had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Agyapa. We have not done any government business since commencing our practice in 2014. I have ignored your unprovoked attacks for a long time and I certainly won’t take the bait to take up a suit against a man of straw seeking to ride on the back of my name for his shameless and ungodly purposes. Your dream has always been to have me use my newsfile platform for this. Sorry”.

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