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Ofori-Atta: Ghana’s future is not hanging on E-Levy

Ken Ofori-Atta, the Finance Minister has said that the country’s future does not hang around the controversial Electronic Transaction Levy (E-Levy) bill in Parliament.

He maintains that electronic transactions will increase in the coming years, therefore the government’s resolve to tap into the industry and expand the economy.

Speaking at the government’s town hall meeting on the E-Levy in the Northern Region on Thursday (10 February 10), Ofori-Atta said, “it is not that we are hanging our whole future on E-Levy but we know that E-Levy is even growing more. Should we just let it go? Do you just not want to participate in the reconstruction of our country? Is that what it is about? Or is it because you’re another party, you don’t want this to happen?”

“…I don’t know the last time we won seats in Tamale. I think Mustapha Ali won it twice or something, but it does not mean we are not going to put resources in Tamale or the Northern Region, that does not mean that”, he stated.

E-Levy will help Ghana become “independent”
Previously, he said the levy will catapult Ghana into becoming an independent nation without aid.

He maintains that for the country not to be dependent on external sources especially, the International Monetary Fund, the E-Levy is the way out.

“The sovereignty of the people in making sure that we live well as a confident people and people who earn their way is paramount as we think through this whole issue of our philosophy of how to fund ourselves so that we don’t become dependent on outsiders including, particularly the IMF.

“…So, that’s the challenge and that’s the plea that we bring here to let you know that look, we’re a country of manifest destiny for greatness and we should in whatever way we can, reclaim that role and that in our mind is through this new tax handle of E-Levy,” he stated.

E-Levy will help construct more roads
Kennedy Osei Nyarko, the chairman of the roads and transport committee of Parliament has urged his colleagues from the Minority side to support the Electronic Transaction Levy Bill when it is re-introduced to the House for consideration.

The legislator has given the assurance that the adoption of the bill will automatically result in a massive road and infrastructural rollout to address the numerous challenges confronting Ghanaians after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Enough of the borrowing
“We cannot resort to borrowing every day to construct our roads. How much can we borrow to construct our roads in a year? We can’t even borrow up to two billion dollars to construct our roads. That is why it is important that when we’re discussing the issue of E-Levy, we should discuss it dispassionately. We shouldn’t put emotions in the discussion of E-Levy.”

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