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Opinion: John Mahama’s attack on IMF boss hypocritical, desperate and Unfortunate

Former President John Dramani Mahama’s attack on the integrity and competence of the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva, is hypocritical, inimical and unfortunate and therefore calls form condemnation.

After painstakingly assessing the Ghanaian economy, following government’s decision to request for help from the Fund, the IMF boss on September 5, 2022, disclosed that Ghana’s economic crises is caused by exogeneous shocks rather than bad management as claimed by the former President and his party members.

Aggrieved by this report, Mr Mahama took to his official Facebook account to attack the integrity and competence of the renowned IMF professional, alleging that she allowed diplomacy to influence her attitude towards facts.

“While the norm in international diplomacy of being guarded in what one says is appreciated, comments by high-ranking officials must be grounded on facts that take into consideration local realities and opinions,” Mr Mahama questioned the integrity of the IMF boss.

Still wallowing in the phantasmagorical of his wishful thinking, Mr Mahama, who has developed a penchant for attacking authorities who contradict his party’s position on issues, went ahead to question the Fund’s ability in prescribing appropriate remedies.

“International diplomats must consider these facts and not just ignore them; lest they make wrong diagnosis and prescribe inappropriate remedies.” He opined.

We find the current position of the 2020 NDC flag bearer very hypocritical and inimical to the welfare of Ghanaians. It sounds illogical for the person who took Ghana to IMF in 2015 and insisted in 2022 that the country goes back to IMF to suddenly turn around and question the ability of same institution to prescribe the right solutions to our problems, just because they have exposed his unpatriotic, ill motivated, position on the economy.

For the records, it is also not a policy of the IMF to say nice things about countries that seek their support as claimed by the former President because they did not say same about Ghana’s economy in 2015 when the John Mahama led government requested for a bailout.

It is now overly clear that John Mahama and his NDC cronies are against anything that can avert the current challenges we are all facing as a nation.

The positive remark of the IMF is an indication that they are most likely to give the Akufo-Addo led government a mouthwatering support with favourable conditionalities. This is something the Former President dread most because that would kill his presidential dreams. This is wickedness!

It is obvious that the former President and his party members are blaming the causes of the country’s economic challenges on bad management because they want to equate it to their 2014 self-induced woes, anger hurting citizens, create a buss for themselves though they are bereft of ideas.

This is why they are still stag in their previous partisan inspired position, even after the IMF has explained issues. Ghanaians are discerning enough and know who to believe.

Ghanaians know who have better economic policies to get Ghana out of these difficulties. Ghanaians will work hard to support government, so we win together.

Yes, we can, shame on NDC!

The writer is Richard Ahiagbah, Director of Communications for the New Patriotic Party (NPP)

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