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Over 4,000 cyber fraud cases currently under investigation

The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications has revealed that over 4, 000 incidents of cyber fraud cases have been flagged and are currently under investigation.

According to its Chief Executive, Ken Ashigbey, the cases were recorded during the pilot stage of the Fraudulent Control Dashboard to combat cyber fraud activities.

He further indicated that the chamber is working with all stakeholders, including state agencies to ensure a total elimination of cyber fraud.

“If you come onto the platform, over 4,000 incidents have been flagged and have been worked on. And it is work that is in progress. And we are also going to collaborate with the police CID and the Bank of Ghana for this project,” he noted.

Also, Mr. Ashigbey indicated that the Dashboard is among other tools being used to combat cyber fraud in the country.

“The Fraud Control Dashboard is not the end of it all. It’s just one of the tools that we are using to combat fraud.”

“Already, the networks [telecom] have various means that they are using to be able to flag fraud that comes around. We also constantly are creating awareness. Education is very important. It is important that our consumers, Ghanaians generally are more cyber aware and we increase our cyber hygiene”, he stressed.

“So these are some of the tools we are going to use,” he stated.

According to Mr. Ashigbey, his outfit has increased sensitization and awareness creation to help fight the canker.

“As an industry, we are currently also running campaigns that are educating us on the modus operandi of these fraudsters. It is something that we will continue to do,” he added.

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