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Petitioners Want BA Divided Into 3 Regions

The Brong Ahafo Region may be partitioned into three different regions should the Commission of Inquiry for the creation of new regions recommend a referendum that receives the required endorsement.

The Commission has, so far, received two different petitions from the region requesting the demarcation.

The Chairman of the Commission hearing the cases of petitioners seeking the creation of new regions, Justice Steven Alan Brobbey, said the commission after today’s [Thursday], sitting, will hear the case of another group that is seeking further division of the Brong Ahafo Region on Tuesday.

“We will seek to understand the background to your petition, the issue you raise and any other information you may consider helpful to our work. After today’s hearing, we will continue on Tuesday 28th November by hearing the petition from petitioners demanding the creation of Brong East Region out of the existing Brong Ahafo Region. That means the Brong Ahafo now may have 3 regions; the current Brong Ahafo Region, Brong East Region and the Ahafo Region if cases are made for their creation,” he said.

He added that “the purpose of the meeting is to afford the Commission the opportunity to hear first-hand from persons who have submitted petitions for the creation of new regions.”

The Omanhene of Yamfo, Nana Ansah Adu Baah II, who is part of the petitioners for the Ahafo Region, told journalists ahead of the meeting with the Commission that the Ahafo part of the Brong Ahafo Region started petitioning the state since 1986, for the creation of the region.

He said he was resolute that partitioning the region will be the surest way to bridge the yawning development gap.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Regional Organization and Development, Dan Botwe, has given assurance that his ministry will not interfere in the work of the Commission, except to provide logistics for its smooth running.

“We only ensure logistical arrangement. We are not part of their discussions, we are not sitting in their meeting because they are going to present their report to the president [at the end of their sittings], he said.

Hearing on the petitions for the creation of a region out of the Northern Region, will be held on November 29 and December 5.


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