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Police confirms ‘missing’ Takoradi woman was never pregnant

The Police has confirmed that the missing and found Takoradi woman was never pregnant.


The Police in Takoradi in the Western Region can confirm the reappearance of one Josephine Panyin Mensah.

On 21st September, 2021 at about 0930 hours when she reappeared, she was immediately sent to the Axim Government Hospital for medical attention. We
also informed the family in line with our procedures.

  1. Since her disappearance, over 40 Police officers were specifically assigned to track the whereabouts of the victim and the family were given regular updates on Police operations regarding this issue.

These Police operations with the associated investigations were carried out on a 24-hour basis and we want to commend the officers who have been working on the case for the commitment, including the sleepless nights they endured.

  1. Following her reappearance and on the basis of our preliminary investigations so far, the Police wishes to state the following:

a. The police is heavily relying on medical experts who have examined her.

Their findings are that Josephine Panyin Mensah was never pregnant within the period under review following thorough medical examination by the medical doctors at the Axim Government Hospital.

b. The victim, now a suspect, during interrogation mentioned the European Hospital in Takoradi as the hospital for her antenatal reviews and assessment.

Medical records at the facility suggest that the lady visited the hospital without pregnancy somewhere in October last year.

c. Investigations also suggest the suspect may have conspired with other
persons over her possible planned disappearance.

d. Three people have so far been arrested for further questioning on possible conspiracy charges.

e. Police would like to inform members of the public that adequate measures are in place to ensure she is safe as we continue our investigations.

  1. More worrying is the fact that for a number of years, the Regional Command has recorded several false kidnapping cases where people conspire to create “self-
    kidnapping” incidents to make money out of ransoms.
  2. A team with support from the National Headquarters has been put together to quell this emerging crime in the Western Region.
  3. We wish to give the assurance that we will continue to revise our security strategies to protect the people of the Western Region and the rest of the country.
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