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PURC launches ‘tariff calculator’ for utility consumers

The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) has launched the ‘tariff reckoner’ – a calculator software to guide utility consumers in their tariff purchases.

The PURC launched the tariff reckoner at the maiden edition of its consumer service clinic held in the Ashanti Region on 2 September 2022.

According to PURC, the software will help consumers to compute the amount of utility units to consume with an amount of money and vice versa.

To use the software, select your customer type and your computation preference, i.e. whether you want to compute amounts (GHS) from consumed electricity (kWh) or water (m3) units and vice versa, all on the PURC website. Consumers are to note that application results are for monthly computations only.

The Executive secretary of PURC, Ishmael Ackah said the software is to help ensure transparency in the utility service providers.

“We want to have a very transparent system so that consumers will have confidence in the regulator, in the utilities and in the system so we can all grow the system together,” he said.

Ackah also explained that the consumer service clinic has been established as a platform for utilities to engage consumers “to listen to them, to listen to their problems, and for them to also tell consumers the process they can go through to solve their challenges.”

He added that the clinic will be held in other regions to engage and address consumer complaints.

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