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Security analyst lauds terrorism capacity building program for churches, others

A Security analyst, Colonel Festus Aboagye Rtd, has lauded Ghana’s security agencies for the initiative to embark on a capacity building programs for identifiable groups including religious leaders on terrorism.

He said the program is in order as it is important for some groups to be knowledgeable about the potential of such threats and be equipped to prevent it.

According to him, citizens’ knowledge of the threat-level will build a resilient community with the needed vigilance in combating terrorist activities.

Speaking to Citi News, he said, “Terrorism, takes place at the tactical level within communities so building community resilience very much centres around the education and sensitizing of individuals and communities like churches and mosques and those fleeting communities like malls and markets, hospitals and schools so the effort that has been initiated by the authorities is very much in good order.”

There has been intense public education and security restructuring especially at places of worship.

This follows threats of a terrorist attack on Ghana predicted by the Africa Center for Security and Intelligence Studies due to similar attacks in Mali, Burkina and Cote D’Ivoire, all neighbouring countries of Ghana.

Security agencies on Thursday met with the leadership of the Christian community to discuss how to enhance security at the various churches in the wake of terrorism threat alert on the country.

Members of the Regional Episcopal Conference of West Africa earlier this week also issued a statement in which they pledged to work together to combat terrorism and pave the way to peace in the region.

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