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SP Vetting: I Can’t Stop Corruption; I Will Make It Costly – Kissi Agyebeng

The Special Prosecutor nominee, Lawyer Kissi Agyebeng says corruption will be very costly for people in the public sector to engage in when he is given the nod as the new Special Prosecutor to replace Martin A.B. K. Amidu.

Addressing the Vetting Committee of Parliament to decide his fate for the position, Lawyer Kissi Agyebeng indicated that he is not coming to end corruption in the country as it is not possible for even God to end corruption, but he will make it costly.

“I can’t stop corruption . . . I will make corruption costly,” he said.

Lawyer Kissi Agyebeng noted that he intends to make corruption costly by conducting a corruption perception index among the various public institutions to outline the public institutions that are failing to meet the mark.

” . . at the end of the year, publicize the results as to which institution is performing well and which institution is not performing well. In that quest, if you are the Head of an institution and persistently your institution is drawing the short straw in terms of perception of corruption, from the point of view of experts, from the point of view of business people, you will sit up,” he noted.

He added that as the law mandates him to institutionalise risk assessment in respect of public interest; thus, in doing risk assessment in terms of the activities of public sector agencies, he explained that it is a form of institutionalization of that systemic review of their activities.

He pointed out that the Act of Special Prosecutor also empowers him to periodically if he is given the mandate to publish the activities of the Office of the Special Prosecutor and the operations he engages in.

“In line with this, it is an offshoot of the mandate of the Office of the Special Prosecutor that I could go ahead after the process of the risk assessment, the integrity of every public sector agency and then come out with my results as to who is doing well and who is not doing well, it is an offshoot of that mandate,” he indicated.

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