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Supreme Court resumes petition hearing today, Friday

The Supreme Court will resume the election petition hearing today Friday, February 5.

The third witness of the petitioner Mr. Robert Joseph Mettle Nunoo, on Thursday, February 4 filed his witness statement at the Supreme Court to enable him to testify in the case.

The statement was filed on his behalf by the petitioner, Mr. John Dramani Mahama.

Portions of the witness statement said: “Mrs. Jean Mensa informed me that there had been a meeting held earlier in the day between the Petitioner and the Peace Council, something I was unaware of at the time.

“After I further drew her attention to some of the issues that were coming up in the interactions in the strong room, she said very directly that we should go and speak with the Petitioner. Having regard to her earlier reference to the meeting between the Peace Council and the Petitioner, which she had obviously been briefed about, I took seriously what she said.

“ I do not think we, who were acting as agents of the Petitioner, should be seen as taking positions which many be contrary to what the Petitioner himself and had conveyed in a meeting that I was unaware of with a body such as the Peace Council which, I know has an important role in resolving disputes in connection with elections and calming tensions in the country.

Regarding whether or not the chairperson of the 1st Respondent, Jean Mensa asked him and Dr. Michael Kpessa-Whyte to leave the strong room, he said “Yet my colleague and I realized with a shock, on our reaching the residence of the Petitioner that the EC Chairperson was in the process of announcing results. Attempts I made to reach the Chairperson of the EC by telephone for clarification proved futile as she had turned off her phones.”

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